Welcome to the official website of Gibraltar based distance runner Arnold Rogers.

Here you can find the latest advice, updates on training and general running chat.

“I started this page as a means of having a central location for all my social feeds. Whilst I’m no pro runner I think I’ve reached the stage in my running where there is potentially something that somebody else can learn from what I’m doing. I also feel that writing a blog is a really detailed way of logging exactly what it is your doing at any given stage in your training. I also hope to write posts about training methods, bits of equipment I use and my diet and nutrition. I hope people find this page useful and that it appears to the wider running community.

Hope you enjoy the site,  Arnold Rogers”

Proud to say that I am a brand ambassador for  @sosrehydrate . This is a brand that I am passionate about and I am very exited to be working with them. Hydration is a crucial and often overlooked part of training which SOS have cracked by creating a drinkable IV. Not only that but the product tastes great and comes in tidy little sachets that can be easily carried around with you wherever you go.  Click on their logo to find out more and don’t forget to use my discount code: ARNOLDROGERS for a 20% discount.

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