About me

I started running back in 2009 as a means to get fit after deciding to join the army. Once I joining the army I continued running as a means to maintain fitness and as a weekend hobby.

In 2013 I relocated to Gibraltar. The change in climate meant I found myself running more and more and in 2015 I decided to take up racing. To my amazement I flew through the ranks within Gibraltar and Locally within Spain. This drive and motivation led me to take on a more advanced training program and I soon found myself in a position to represent Gibraltar Internationally.

These days I maintain an extremely strict training regime fully absorbing myself into the lifestyle of an athlete. Whilst I am no professional athlete I consider myself to follow a very similar routine somehow managing to squeeze in twice daily training around a busy and hectic lifestyle and a full time job.

I am passionate about the sport and whilst I will never find myself on an olympic podium, I will do everything I can to ensure I perform to the best of my ability. My unique position running for Gibraltar allows me exposure to the world stage and means I can run in races of the highest standard.

I am currently focussing on the half and full marathon. These are the distances that appeal to me both genetically and through interest. I have had reasonable success in the half marathon but am yet to match that level in the marathon. I am keen to share my knowledge and experiences along the way through this page and other social media platforms in the hope that I can inspire and motivate other runners.