Introduction to blog

So I’ve decided to start a blog. Whilst I’m no pro Runner I think I’ve reached the stage in my running where there is potentially something that somebody else can learn from what I’m doing. I also feel that writing a blog is a really good and detailed way of logging exactly what it is your doing at any given stage in your training.

I plan to write a weekly blog detailing all the training and how the training went with links to each training session on Strava so you can visually see what I’m on about. I will also talk about races I’ve been to or have planned for the future and exactly what goals and objectives I’m trying to achieve.

I have learnt a lot of what I know about running and training through the Internet by reading training logs and sifting through the blogs of many a runner and believe they are an extremely valuable resource for other runners to learn from.

The first weekly blog will be available on 24/12/17.

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