Week 01/2018 Training Log


Still in the base phase the aim of this week is to bring the milage up further than the last week. Each week I am aiming to get higher in milage so that come the start of the training program I am comfortably able to maintain 85+ mile weeks.

Monday 1st January 2018

Pm – 8 Miles Trail Run – Today’s run was slightly different. I decided to run a trail run up the mountains behind la linea. After purchasing a new go pro it was time to finally create some content to YouTube make a video log. Today and it was a nice easy paced run at the mountains with the sole intent filming. This was great fun and it was about time put some fun back into running. Whilst it was a very slow-paced run there was still some gain from running up the mountains. Unfortunately whilst focusing so much on filming I paused my watch at the top and forgot to start again. The miles were added later on on Strava.


Tuesday 2nd January

Am – 8 Miles Easy – 52:00 – This morning’s run was the first serious run even though it was only 8 miles easy pace. From here on in its time to get serious. Now I need to make sure I complete every workout. It was a perfect morning run in near perfect conditions. Everything felt good and managed to stick to the correct place. Given the fact that everything felt good there was the urge to go a little faster but luckily it was kept controlled. Ran from home to the border, across to the east then down to the fishing port where I hit the four mile point and headed back the same route.


Pm – 8 Miles Easy – 55:10 – This afternoon’s run felt a little different to the morning. Unfortunately everything was still pretty stiff from the morning run. First couple of miles were very sore and very slow. Felt a little mundane as I was running the exact same route as the morning. Luckily after a couple of miles the legs seemed to open up and it turned into quite an enjoyable run. I made sure I carried out a decent stretching routine after the run.


Wednesday 3rd January

Am – 10 Miles Easy – 01:09:09 – Yet another easy pace run but this time pushing the distance 10 miles. Similar route to normal from home to the border, across the east of La Linea, down through the fishing port and down to Santa Margarita. This is my regular 10 mile route although it can get pretty boring running the same route I like it its pan flat and it’s all on the promenade. This means if I feel good I can open up the pace and run hard without having to worry about traffic. Originally this was supposed to be 9 miles with another 9 miles this afternoon but I decided to run 10 reducing this afternoon to 8 miles to make it easier. Overall I was happy with this run. Running form seems notably better than what it was the week before.


Pm – 8 Miles Easy -58:07 – Nice easy evening run. 8 miles going from Home through the marina, across to the east of La Linea and then down to the fishing port and back the same route. Slightly more enjoyable as I took the pace very slow. This was another good opportunity to get some video for the blog. To that end a lot this run was spent stop starting capturing footage. Managed to get home just as the sun was setting. Overall the run felt good. I could definitely feel the fatigue starting to come into the legs but that was not surprising after an 18 mile day.


Thursday 4th January

Am – 8 Miles Easy – 56:39 – Another easy 8 miler this morning. I tried to spice things up with a slightly different route. Felt pretty good at the start of the run and the first few miles flew by quite nicely. Legs stated to feel heavy and fatigued towards the back end of the run. Overall not a bad run but I felt had it been any further I would have began to suffer.


Pm – 10 Miles Easy – 01:09:52 – Another fluid afternoon 10 miler. A whole day sat around resting and recovering from the morning run made for a much better afternoon run. I ran the usual 10 mile route from home to the border and then down to Santa Margarita. Legs felt new compared to the morning. Not a bad average pace for a low average HR.


Friday 5th January

Am – Rest day – I decided to move Sundays rest day to today due to the mile road race in Gibraltar this weekend.

Saturday 6th January

Am – Rest day – Unfortunately another forced rest day due to work commitments

Sunday 7th January

Am – 6.5 Miles Easy – Originally I was planning on doing a long run before the mile road race but I decided that probably wasn’t the smartest idea and would put me at extreme risk of injury during the race. To that end I ran the 6.5 miles at easy pace before having a small amount of rest before the race.


Race – 1 Mile Road Race – https://www.strava.com/activities/1344834698

Weekly Milage – 69.7


Although the week had 2 rest days which is not ideal, I am happy with the outcome. Some good days early on in the week had already laid down a good amount of miles and the week closed at 69.7. As always work seems to be the cause of inconsistent training and is quite possibly what is holding back my running.

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