Week 51/2017 – Training Log


So here it is the first proper blog. Ill start each week by introducing it and describing what the aims are. That way you’ll get a better understanding later on as to why I am doing certain types of workouts. Ill take the time as well to explain certain terminology as and when it comes about so I’m not sounding to alien later in the blog.

Ill start by explaining what I mean by workout. In distance running we have what we call workouts (or Sessions). Not every run is a workout. In fact most of the weekly milage is what we call just easy running. This easy running helps us build aerobic fitness and is what promotes most of the physiological adaptations the body makes to cope with the stresses of running. A workout is typically only done a few times a week as they are hard on the body and require time to recover. For me I normally do about 3 per week. Workouts are more about training the body specifically for the stresses of a particular race and change in style as the season progresses.

This week I start to build up my milage again after a week of nearly no running following Malaga Marathon. The aim of the week is to get my body used to running again and to start to build the milage. Next week I start my base phase and so I want to be up to normal milage by then. Although this is a fast build in milage it shouldn’t be a problem for me. I also plan to spend a lot of time focusing on strength and conditioning with 3 regular gym sessions a week.

Monday 18th December

Am – 8 Miles Easy – 55:58 – This was supposed to be just an easy 8 miles to kick start the week but it actually turned out to be quite hard. Strong winds coming form the east made the run much harder and subsequently I ended up out the easy zone for HR but in it for pace. After a while it became to much and I headed through the back streets of La linea to avoid it.


Pm – Gym Session – 01:00:00 – Not quite pm but around 11:00. I hit the gym for the first time in a long time. The aim was to start my strength and conditioning program, trial a few new exercises but more importantly to figure out the weights to start with. It has been a long time and so every movement was difficult and the muscles were sore afterwards. The aim of my gym session is not to put on size at all but to make sure the key muscles are string to help stay injury free. Most of the exercises are either lower limb with barbell or core strength and stability exercises. A full list of exercises, weights and reps is on the strava workout


Tuesday 19th December

AmRest – Spent the morning resting and running errands. Legs were still very sore from yesterdays gym session. Hopefully after a few more the legs won’t be so sore.

Pm10 Miles Easy – 01:09:46 – Another easy paced afternoon run. Rather sluggish and uncomfortable to start. Legs were still very saw from squats the day before. Took the normal 10 mile route to the border then down to Santa Margarita. Still very windy from the border on just as it was the day before. After about 6 miles the legs were loosened off and running seemed to be normal again. Felt very comfortable in the last 2 miles and was able to run very fluidly, focusing a lot on form.


Wednesday 20th December

Am – 6.3 Miles Easy – 45:35 – This was supposed to be another 10 mile easy run but unfortunately the legs were still feeling very sore. Started out the first few miles through the Port but as soon as I hit the wind I began to suffer. After 3 Miles I decided to cut the run short and just run the return journey bringing it home to 6 miles. Unfortunately the effects of a first in a while gym session were still causing dramas. I always prefer to shorten a run and recover better than keep slugging on and risk injury.


Thursday 21st December

Am – Rest day – I decided to take a rest day for a couple of reasons. I was suffering from severe allergies all of the afternoon the day before which left me feeling pretty groggy all morning. Second reason was that the legs had still not recovered from Mondays strength session. I figured it was better to take a rest day and make sure I was a 100% and ready for the following week. Friday we are due to travel down the coast to spend Christmas with family in Benalmadena. This change in scenery will be something to embrace. Instead of running today ill run on Sundays rest day.

Friday 22nd December

Pm – 10 Miles Easy – 01:09:25 – A change in scenery and a bit more motivation led to a much better run this afternoon. The first few miles was pretty uncomfortable as it was all down hill but once I got onto the flat it was clean sailing. Heart rate seemed a little higher than normal for the pace but that could probably be down to the time of day and the heat. Unfortunately running down at the start means running up at the end. As is always the case with this route its an endless slog back up the steep hill.


Saturday 23rd December

Am – 10 Miles Easy – 01:13:01 – A repeat of yesterday this was the exact same route and distance as the day before. Took the pace a little easier than the day before and tried to stay in the correct pace zone again. Heart rate was still a little higher than expected but nothing to indicate over training. Raised heart rate could just be down to a slight loss in fitness from the small rest period.


Sunday 24th December

Am – Rest Day

Weekly Milage – 44.4


Overall I am happy with how the week went although it was slightly less than the planned 55 miles. The week was intended to get me running again after resting from the marathon. The week started slow and running felt very awkward in the fist part of the week. This was only amplified by the gym session that was done on Monday. Hopefully the legs will become better conditioned to the strength program planned so that this doesn’t continue to affect the running.




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