Week 52/2017 – Training Log


So this week is aimed to be a slightly meatier version of last week. Whilst I don’t have any planned speed sessions, I will start to add some speed to the runs as and when it feels appropriate. During my base phase I prefer to focus solely on milage rather than trying to run specific times and paces. Everything in my base period is considered either an easy run or a long run and ill try and focus those runs on hillier terrain to build strength. I find if I focus too much on speed early on in the training cycle the fatigue builds up to much towards the racing phase.

To that end the aim of the week will be to run predominantly easy runs with a Long run on the Saturday plus a Friday gym session. The training week won’t start until Wednesday due to a short Christmas break.

Monday 25th December

Am – Rest day – HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Tuesday 26th December

Am – Rest day – Recovering from Christmas.

Wednesday 27th December

Am – 8 Miles Easy – 53:35 – First run back after a little 3 day Christmas break. Besides the rather uncomfortable first 1.5 miles which was all down hill, the run felt pretty good. Once I got onto the flat I was able to gradually open up the pace. The poor weather meant that the sea front was very quiet making it obstacle free all the way to Torremolinos. Averaging 06:30 per mile or below for the most of the run which was a little out of the zone I wanted to be in but it was good to flush the system after Christmas.


Thursday 28th December

Am – 12.1 Miles Easy – 01:23:55 – Originally this was planned as a 10 mile easy run with a 6 mile easy run in the afternoon. The run felt really good and I decided to push the distance to 12 miles meaning I could reduce the afternoon run to 4 miles or around 30 minutes easy. Getting up early and trying to get back into a routine of running twice a day was a bit of a shock to the system. Running on your own in the dark is never the most enjoyable thing particularly when its windy and rainy. Overall a good solid run gradually increasing the pace but staying controlled.


Pm – 4 Miles Easy – So what is there to say about this run. Unfortunately due to work commitments, I was confined to completing this workout on the treadmill. Things were a little uncomfortable to start with, probably due to the morning run. After about half way through things loosened up. As always running on the treadmill felt harder for me than the road due to the lack of airflow. Achieved the 30 minutes easy running planned.


Friday 29th December

Am – Rest Day – Unfortunately work commitments lead to a poor routine this morning. A lack of food before midday and over tiredness made training extremely high risk. I decided to withdraw from the days training to play it safe. A change in job role in January will mean a much more consistent training routine and this this sort of thing shouldn’t happen as often.

Saturday 30th December

Am – 13.1 Miles Easy – I managed to catch up on some sleep the night before, but I still wasn’t completely rested. Stronger this run feeling very tired and very unmotivated. Originally I had 16 miles planned but after 13 Miles I’d totally had enough. I think the only way to get runs that distance in, is running across the border in out and back style runs. Rounded of the run at half marathon distance so it wasn’t a complete loss.


Sunday 31st December

Am – Rest Day – Once again illness and tiredness from a whole night of work got the better of me and meant another day of not training. As frustrating as this is sometimes I just have to accept it. I suffer from pretty severe allergies and when I’m having an allergy crisis it almost impossible to run. I rested all morning with the intent on running early evening but by that point the allergies had come in and any hope of getting some more miles in were lost.

Weekly Milage – 37.2


Overall a pretty disappointing week with very low milage and lots of skipped workouts. Work commitment and illness as well as general lack in motivation to train was probably the main causes. Im happy to accept it as I know my work situation will change soon enabling me a much more consistent training routine. Plus I guess theres the excuse that it was christmas as well. Hopefully next week will be better.

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